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Obstacle Course
Obstacle Course
Obstacle Course Obstacle Course Obstacle Course

Obstacle Course

Funworks Rental's 40-Foot Obstacle Course welcomes its challengers with two portal-like entrances to crawl through in to dual lanes. From there, it's a race to the finish for each participant as they push through vertical and horizontal hurdles, dive and crawl through the floor tunnels, climb up the wall and slide down to the finish. This 40-foot long obstacle course is perfect for larger events, as it provides extended fun without compromising wait time for eager challengers awaiting their turn. Since participants always want one more go at it, the Obstacle Course is designed to withstand the most rigorous challenger. Its sturdy, durable design is also TC approved for safety regulations. The 40 Obstacle Course is sure to satisfy the competitive urge in everyone.

Size: 40'x11'x12'
Space Required: 45'x21'x13'


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