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Dual Sports Combo
Dual Sports Combo
Dual Sports Combo Dual Sports Combo

Dual Sports Combo

Make any event or party a slam dunk with the Dual Sports Combo. This ride is designed with sports fans in mind, including basketball, football, soccer and baseball decorations in its design. Whether for boys or girls, the Dual Sports Combo is sure to excite any athlete. With a large 15'x15' bounce house that includes a basketball court, participants will have plenty of room to showcase their athletics. The bouncing area of the Dual Sports Combo is also fitted with a full sized bouncing mattress for maximum bounce. This ensures that participants will not want to leave the arena, but for when they do get tired, the ride has two exit slides for some fun as they exit. This combo makes for a healthy way to have fun with all the physical activity it promotes. Having one at any event is sure to draw spectators.

Size: 23'x15'x14'
Space Required: 33'x17'x15'


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